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Market Data

Trade, analyze and power your digital asset intelligence with a robust set of data and tools.

Tick-by-tick & historical price data

Streaming Level I and Level II price data enable real-time decision-making. Manage price and liquidity risk with market data, charting and analytics. Supported tickers include Bid/Ask/Mid/Last for pairs and historical data sets. Retrieve live & full historical prices for any specified crypto asset with a ticker symbol or blockchain address.

Exchanges & Pairs

Covering 2500+ digital asset pairs and over 15+ exchanges, traders, liquidity providers and OTC desks rely on our real-time data solutions to inform business objectives, meet regulatory obligations and develop trading strategies. Exchanges and crypto assets are carefully vetted before being added to ensure the highest quality.


We provide digital asset market data aggregations as well as raw exchange data points for many granularities. All data types include current Best Bid and Best Offer as well as historical feeds for Open/High/Low/Close, Volume Weighted Average Price and Time Weighted Average Price.

Order Books & Trades

With our guaranteed low-latency access, we support order books and trades from each exchange, including full historical snapshots and point-in-time API access. We enable real-time connectivity via websockets for trade and orderbook events.

Token Prices & Metrics

On-chain events and data for every token combined with Level I and Level II market data across the top exchanges enable intelligent operations with the context needed to be sucessful.


Market data is fast-paced, our enterprise-grade websockets enable low-latency automation and empower fast decision making and risk mitigation.

Blockchain Data

Scaled, trusted, verifiable, our blockchain data spans the full breadth of features and enables all use-cases.

Raw Blockchain Data

Faster & better access for blocks, transactions, contracts, tokens for all blockchains we support. Our platform enables enterprises to operate and scale with confidence. Start integrating with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Zcash and more.

Account Balance & Activity

Harness the power of blockchain to get insight into full historical activity for all accounts. We provide an efficient, low-latency solution for wallets, dApps and traders that require operational context and portfolios in real-time.

dApp Activity

Bring powerful blockchain features to your application without needing to run any nodes. Easily get started by using our APIs and SDKs for common decentralized application use cases. Our APIs are JSON-RPC compliant enabling quick setup or replacement within your current application architecture.


We offer blockchain streams including validation data, enabling wallets, investors and developers to build scaled applications on top of on-chain data. All websockets are JSON-RPC compliant making Amberdata a drop-in setup or replacement for any application.

Dashboards, Integrations & More

Actionable insights made easy with KPIs and core metrics to run your business.

Analytics Dashboards

We've built a suite of tools & data sets designed to inform trading, risk management strategies, network health, activity and more. Our analytics dashboards help you view on-chain activity, analyze trades, view portfolios and security audits.

Chatbots - Symphony, Slack & Discord

Our Chatbots keep you up to date with all crypto market activities without leaving your conversation! Easy one-click installs are available, start viewing crypto pricing within Symphony, Slack and Discord within seconds.


A javascript SDK that is quickly installed, allowing you to integrate Amberdata services and focus on your business logic. This SDK is fully compatible with JSON-RPC, and is a drop-in replacement for ethers.js and web3.js

Security Audits & Dashboard

Blockchain security & integrity requires constant monitoring. See in-depth security audits for every smart contract and token on-chain as well as global summary dashboards. Totals and snapshots of security analysis performed by Amberdata enable risk management across the entire network, and achieve operational efficiency for specific use cases.

Mix and match Amberdata products to solve common app development challenges.

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