Hello Blockchain Analytics

Operate with confidence. Your platform for blockchain health and intelligence.

Live Monitoring & Insights

Operational information organized and presented in intuitive visualizations, reports and dashboards

Instrumentation of on-chain applications enabling service providers and consumers to both have the same level of transparency.

Set and receive events on instrumented KPIs enabling rapid response and resolution to any issue impacting SLAs


Relevant operational context empowering decision makers with critical information that aligns with your business goals and requirements

Availability, Integrity and Consensus

Amberdata makes triaging operational performance and availability issues or security incident response easy.

Need to create reports to demonstrate regulatory compliance or satisfy ad-hoc requests from management or auditors while operating in the decentralized world? We have your back.

E Pluribus Unum

(Out of many, One)

Amberdata connects with multiple blockchains & contracts, giving valuable information catered to you.

This is your window into public Ethereum, upcoming ICO’s, even private blockchains like Hyperledger.

Awesome Awaits

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