What is Amberdata?

    Your platform for blockchain health and intelligence. Operate with confidence.

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    Live Monitoring & Insights

    • Rich blockchain metrics & analytics

    • Quantitative statistics, relationships & audits

    • Dashboards and reporting

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    Contracts & Applications

    • Automated security audits

    • Metrics for user adoption & user growth KPIs

    • Contract inspection & debugging

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    Availability, Integrity & Consensus

    • Validate blockchain data integrity

    • Compliance & regulatory reports

    • Alerting customized to business KPIs

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    Hello Blockchain Analytics

    Amberdata connects with multiple blockchains & contracts, giving valuable information catered to you.

    This is your window into public Ethereum, upcoming ICO’s and private blockchains like Enterprise Ethereum (Quorum).

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    Let’s Get Started

    Amberdata for Enterprise

    Private or permissioned instances

    Configure and deploy a dedicated Amberdata instance, allowing a fully customized view of your blockchain.

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