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How many users do I have for my dApp?

Each day, investors, developers and exchanges try to build and operate upon blockchain but are left missing critical insights and data.

Easily integrate blockchain and market data into any product or service.
Gain a competitive edge with actionable insights.

Live Monitoring & Insights

  • Rich blockchain metrics & analytics

  • Quantitative statistics, relationships & audits

  • Dashboards and reporting

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Contracts & Applications

  • Automated security audits

  • Metrics for user adoption & user growth KPIs

  • Contract inspection & debugging

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Availability, Integrity & Consensus

  • Validate blockchain data integrity

  • Compliance & regulatory reports

  • Alerting customized to business KPIs

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Just like air bubbles trapped in amber, blockchain data is transparent and immutable, yet it’s hard to access and process.

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