Use Cases

Building on top of Amberdata means a competitive edge

Cutting Edge

Investing, Trading & Algorithmic Intelligence

Make decisions with the best information available.
One API, Many exchanges and the best blockchain data period.

Seize opportunities, manage risk and act on the best crypto market intelligence.
Crypto assets can be volatile, markets can be thin and prices can shift quickly on and across exchanges. Our API enables radical transparency into on-chain and across exchange data. Know and Act in real-time with our streaming data and metrics.

Tickers & Prices
Order Books & Trades
Token Prices & Metrics
Account Balances

Great UX

Cryptocurrency Wallets & Custody Providers

Quick, intuitive access to hard to get historical data and analytics. Delight your customers. Power your business with Amberdata API.
Allow users to access their account balances & activity in minutes. Historical data for a wallet or a portfolio without the complexity or cost. Time-series data for every wallet making accounting, reporting and compliance easy.

Transactions matched with historical price data give your customers the confidence they deserve so they can trust your custody solution.
Using Amberdata Market & Blockchain data, finally users can be back in control of their exchange and on-chain activity.

Account Balance & Activity
Tickers & Prices
Order Books & Trades
Analytics Dashboards


Decentralized Apps & Developers

Start using blockchain within seconds, not hours.
Developers can now skip syncing the blockchain and begin building production grade applications instantly. Interact directly with the blockchain using standard methods like JSON-RPC, REST, Websockets & GraphQL.

Get the features you want without the cost, time & management.
Using Amberdata provides a leg up on the competition, especially for ongoing & historical activity in a decentralized Application.

dApp Activity
Analytics Dashboards