Add bitcoin support in a few lines of code. Including RPC, REST, Websockets and more!


Easy Access

Using REST and Websockets bring powerful blockchain features to your application without needing to run any nodes. Easily get started by using our APIs and SDKs for common decentralized application use cases.

Interact Directly

Add the full breadth of Bitcoin RPC, without running a node. All APIs are JSON-RPC compliant enabling quick setup or replacement within your current application architecture.


On-chain events, rich signals and data for every bitcoin transaction combined with Level I and Level II market data across the top exchanges enable intelligent operations with the context needed to be sucessful.

Powerful Blockchain API Examples

Get up and running quickly

Example: Address Balance & Market Value

  • Address Balance & Market Value

  • Address Websocket Transactions

  • Get Latest Block

  • Get Block Transactions

  • Get RPC Block Height

Add the web3data.js SDK to your application, supercharge your capabilities!

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