Quick Start

You're just a few quick steps away to integration 🚀

What we will be doing:

  • Create Account - You'll need this to obtain an API Key.
  • Create API Key - This gives you access to Amberdata products.
  • Try Quick Example - Test out your API and view data.
  • Setup SDKs - Start integration with the least amount of effort.
  • Use Code Examples - We've covered a lot of common use cases!
  • Diving Deeper - Resources for further development and opportunities.

Step 1. Create Account

Before you can add Amberdata to your decentralized application, you need to sign up with Amberdata. Use the following link to proceed to the sign up form where you will add details about your account.

Once you have signed up, you're ready to continue to Step 2. There are a couple of sign up options:

  1. Social Account
  2. Email Account
Sign Up

Note: If you already have an Amberdata account, skip this step and continue setting up your API Key.

Step 2. Get an API Key

Using any of the Amberdata products requires the use of an API Key. It's very simple to setup, however there are a couple ways to get one depending on your needs. Amberdata offers free and paid plans enabling you to develop quickly and scale as needed.

There are a couple of API Key options:

Get a Free Developer API Key

Click the following link, you will be taken to your account page titled "Your API Keys". Here you can click the "Get API Key" button, which will generate an API Key immediately. You should now see the key below, it will look something like: UAK123456FDSA...123456FDSA01. This is your API Key, keep it safe! Once you have your API Key, proceed to Step 3.

Developer Key

Note: If you already have an API Key, skip this step.

Step 3. Setup SDKs

You're now ready to begin integrating Amberdata into your application. The best (and easiest) way to do this is using our SDK wrapper libraries, which enable you to focus on your core application rather than the integration details. We've even setup SDKs that are a drop in replacement for popular libraries.

Choose the SDK that fits your application:

Step 4. Use Code Examples

You've reached the fun part! If you're not sure which features you want to integrate, try playing with all the features without any coding using the snippet explorer!

Go to the example code and start using Amberdata APIs:

Step 5. Diving Deeper

Congratulations! You're all setup with Amberdata.

Here's a few things to try: