We’ve released our latest version of our digital asset & blockchain API, now its ready for you to upgrade! Not only does it bring tons of great updates to the data, but is jam-packed with support for many more data sets coming in 2020.

API Version 2 Now Available, Amberdata.io

API Version 2 is a big step forward, we’ve rebuilt many endpoints to be faster, deeper in breadth and most importantly adds flexibility for all the data our customers have requested. Before we deep dive into the updates, here’s a quick guide on how to upgrade to V2 successfully:

Upgrade Guide:

Upgrade is so simple, just a quick variable change!

It’s as simple as changing V1 to V2 in our endpoints. You can even copy & paste the url from here:


Why V2?

We have been supporting multiple blockchains for a while, however as we expand it became quite clear our first attempt was not inclusive enough to handle all the features unique to different blockchains. The core needed updates to properly handle features like:

  • UTXO Data Models
  • Multiple To/From Accounts
  • Verification Proof Data
  • Digital Assets Metadata & References

Breaking Changes:

We do have a couple “gotchas”. This upgrade brings several key features that demand endpoint or data model changes. Here are a list of breaking changes that occur in Version 2:


To support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash & Bitcoin SV, we added core UTXO data sets in API responses. Here are new data fields present for data like Blocks, Transactions, Accounts & Fees:

  • inputs
  • outputs
  • fee

To/From Accounts

Some Blockchains support multiple from or to accounts within a single transaction. To support this, we’ve changed all endpoints involving accounts to use array syntax, here’s an example:

{  "to": [{    "address": "1K1esm1Sxjxjrmv2bUgEBSwXVjgnkwGgMr"  }],  "from": [{    "address": "1CQjLQwVZCbQgrqyM6AU1ECktdhhL1g7aN"  }, {    "address": "1ERu6uLKnHX2CvmjXRos23XeSvoCxJUQW3"  }]}


Amberdata API now supports lots of metadata specific to each feature represented in different blockchains. This is a new object that supports things like raw serialized data, custom smart contract fields, validation data fields and more. There will be more documentation and guides on this coming soon! Until then, look for “metadata” in endpoint responses.

When will V1 be deprecated?

Our goal is to have all users upgrade by February 28th, 2020. Please make sure you have updated your application before then!

Does this upgrade cost anything? Nope!

This is a product upgrade, built to help your business or application have the best API service available for digital assets.

Need Help or Have Questions?

We’re happy to help! Send us an email at support@amberdata.io, and we can help you integrate or upgrade your API service.

For more information about Amberdata.io: