Cryptocurrencies or Digital Assets have a difficult time exchanging & interoperating with fiat (traditional) currencies. Stellar takes a different approach, enabling a distributed exchange for many types of assets, digital or traditional. With Stellar, banks are no longer the main entity, each individual is self-sovereign allowing them to transact with freedom and low fees.

What makes Stellar so great?

Here’s a few reason why we chose to support:

  1. Low fees for fiat transfers/transactions — This is an industry game changer
  2. Trade or Convert Assets — All operations needed to make automated trades or conversions, baked into the core protocol
  3. Issue Assets — Yes really, Stellar is an open collateral protocol

There’s much more too, like great developer docs, enterprise-grade network tech.

Stellar + Multi-Blockchain Data + Market Data =

We recently announced our launch of Stellar within the platform, and are very proud to allow our customers full access! New and existing customers can enjoy the full breadth of Stellar features, by using a single variable update to their code. Today we’re going to look a few quick examples of how to utilize Stellar with your application or business.

Stellar examples —cool right?

  1. Get Account Transactions
  2. Get Latest Ledgers & Transactions
  3. Connect to Stellar RPC — See note below on this one!

PS: I couldn’t help the pun :P

NOTE: Stellar does not have an RPC service, however to be consistent with the other products, we added all stellar options individually as RPC methods.

You’ll need a Free API Key to run examples:

Go to to Get Started.

Get Stellar with a simple configuration

Using the following code, we are able to configure requests for Stellar using a simple namespace variable. This configures the x-amberdata-blockchain-id under the hood, and instantiates all available methods. This header is also required for both RPC and websocket connections.

Get Account Transactions

The list of account activity, with market context. Run example here →

const Web3Data = require("web3data-js")const w3d = new Web3Data('YOUR_API_KEY')const txns = await w3d.xlm.address.getTransactions('GBUZVP3L3M6SIWO64OIUUH6SEJZNTH3ZTDXE3Y4XSQ3RCPO57T3KH4ID', { includePrice: true })

Get Latest Ledgers & Transactions

Easily get all transactions & operations with simple methods. Run example here →

const Web3Data = require("web3data-js")const w3d = new Web3Data('YOUR_API_KEY')const latestLedger = await w3d.xlm.block.getBlock('latest')const latestLedgerTxns = await w3d.xlm.block.getTransactions(latestLedger.number, {includePrice: true})

Execute RPC operations

Full Stellar operations available, without needing to run a node. Run example here →

We released support for Stellar in our SDK — web3data.js:


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Our launch press release:

Amberdata adds support for Stellar Network in its Blockchain and Cryptoasset Data Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif., Nov. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Amberdata Inc., the leading blockchain and cryptoasset data…

Get our postman collection — we’ve added all the methods you need for Stellar, test features in seconds!

We’ve created a postman collection that covers all of our features and utilizes simple parameters so you can focus on building. Click here to download the collection directly, or go here for tons of resources:

Amberdata API Documentation

Amberdata API documentation, SDK reference, integration guides, sample code, libraries and tutorials

Go further — Amberdata supports these features for Stellar:

  1. REST — A full API with standardized data sets, across blockchains
  2. WebSockets — Streaming data and updates, realtime from the network
  3. RPC — Connect directly to the node without running the node