Use Digital Assets APIs and get 500 DAI. It’s that simple. Starting today through the end of March, we are opening a new type of bounty, where developers can earn DAI for adapting, upgrading or building new projects connected to APIs.

Earn 500 DAI by integrating APIs

Help us start a movement

ETH Denver ended just over a week ago, with many exciting new dApps showing the power of DeFi and Ethereum. We aren’t just doing this to promote our services. We believe the momentum and development of digital asset applications is thriving and we want to continue the success stories.

The future of the world needs developers like you! We were thrilled to see so many great ideas come to life at ETH Denver, and are looking for projects that want to take it to the next level. We want to see what you build!

The Goal

Speed up your decentralized application, grow adoption & usage, add new features that increase UX and help the ecosystem grow!

The Reward

We’re offering 500 DAI to any project that complete the following rules. No strings attached, just straight up stable coins to fuel your project. Any project that successfully completes the rules between today, February 28th and March 31st is eligible. This reward will be sent 7 business days upon completion of all rules pending review by the Amberdata team.


  1. Use APIs in your project
  2. Blog about the integration experience
  3. Send us links to the website or code and blog

Getting started:

  1. Get your API Key →
  2. Get the postman collection →
  3. View the docs →


Fill out all the details in this form to complete your project submission:

Digital Asset & Market Use Cases

Blockchain Use Cases

Need Help or Have Questions?

We’re happy to help! Send us an email at, and we can help you with any integration or service questions.

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